Race Track Maths is a unit developed by Rob Davis and Calvin Tromp in order to teach mapping, with an emphasis on students making their own maps rather than just teaching map coordinates. It was initially taught as a way to keep Grade 5 students focussed, challenged and motivated at the end of the year. The unit is broadly framed around Mathematics, but has important elements from Geography and English
The focus is directed towards the ability of students to make their own maps, as well as interpret features as described in VELSLevel 4. It is a 'rich task'; the task is problem-based, has connections to the real world, and draws from a range of fields of knowledge. We found the activity to be intellectually and socially engaging for students, in fact partner and group work was cited by many students as both the key challenge and satisfaction of the task.

Race Track Maths is able to be taught with a range of children using materials typically found in any school.

This year Calvin taught it over a week with his Grade 2 students. He decided to change some parts (as teachers tend to do) and focus on grids and scale. The description, therefore, will highlight both way Race Track Maths has been taught, that is to Grade 5 and to Grade 2 students.

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