Phase explanation: Each unit begins with a lesson that mentally engages students with an activity or question. It captures their interest, provides an opportunity for them to express what they know about the concept or skill being developed, and helps them to make connections between what they know and the new ideas. Learning goals are made clear to students.

Examining Famous Race Tracks

Race Track Maths has proved to be very engaging - especially for those students who already have an interest in car racing. Many boys, in particular, have quite a knowledge of the racing scene, even among my Grade 2 students. For those students with less motor sport knowledge, the idea of studying race tracks was interesting.

The unit was introduced by examining race tracks around the world. Google Earth was used to zoom into tracks, as well as scans from the newspaper which had a series of Formula 1 tracks. These were displayed on the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). The students' attention was directed to:
  • features of race tracks that make them challenging, such as the number and type of corners,
  • the length of straights affecting the kinds of speeds the cars could achieve,
  • chicanes, pitstops, bridges and safety features.

Some of the tracks we looked at included Sandown, Mt Panorama (Bathurst), Albert Park and other Grand Prix tracks, and some American tracks the students were aware of.

Examining tracks with Grade 5
Grade 2 IWB presentation

Grade 2 IWB presentation

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