Elaborate phase expalanation: This phase provides opportunities for students to apply what they have learned to new situations and so develop a deeper understanding of the concept or greater use of the skill. It is important for students to discuss and compare their ideas with each other during this phase.

Racing Time!!

The time for track testing has arrived! The Grade 5s had all rebuilt another group's race track and had sought approval from the original track designers as to the accuracy of the track. Two remote control cars were provided to the students and they took turns to race the cars around the tracks. Although the kids were up to the challenge, the cars proved to be less so. It turned out that the tracks were too small and tight to drive the cars around. The students who had the most success were the ones that could 'inch' the cars carefully around the track - safe and slow - now that doesn't sound like Formula 1 to me.

The Grade 2 students had built one track on the floor as a joint effort. This track was larger in scale and so the children had much more success. The carpet did restrict the cars somewhat - terms like 'sliding, drifting and understeer' were coming from the students who are regular watchers of Top Gear.

The next day we rebuilt another track, and this time we scaled up the masking tape grid even more. This was much more successful and we were able to record fastest times.

For the final session, a track was built with cones on the oval by Calvin. The kids then ran around the track, one at a time, and times were recorded with a stopwatch. We then held a speed trial to see which student could run the fastest lap. The children then returned to the classroom and had to sketch the oval track onto paper from memory. Finally the oval track was jointly rebuilt on the classroom floor grid. This process was a reversal - a map was created from an existing track.

Grade 5

The race is on.

Great skill required.

Grade 2

Racing on the smaller grid

Labelling coordinates on a larger grid.

Building a 2nd track on the large grid

Everyone is involved.


The oval track

Sketching the oval track.

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