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This wiki has been made to share the teaching unit created by Calvin Tromp and Rob Davis. Calvin Tromp works as a teaching Principal at Bungaree Primary School and has an interest in Maths and Science education and integrating ICT into the classroom curriculum. Rob Davis is lecturer in Science and Technology Education at the University of Ballarat. Rob has a particular interest in Science and Technology education.

This unit is designed to teach mapping and elements of measurement, scale, location and geography. It can be used for many year levels. It has been trialled with Grades 2 and 5 at Black Hill Primary. We know that teachers at Buninyong Primary and Black Hill Primary have also taught the unit with Grades 5 and 6 and could see it working very well at Secondary level.

Race Track Maths was published in Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC) Volume 12 (3) 2007. The article can be found (without pictures) on this link at The Free Library.

Elements of the constructivist E5 Teaching and Learning model has been used to guide and structure the unit.

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Calvin and Rob.

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